Buy a BMW e30 m3

6 year Warranty — 30 Day Money Back — Made in U. MATERIAL: Twill:A 45oz heavy weight two ply composite. Sounds impressive but what this really means for you is REDUCED NOISE! Replacement Window for BMW E30 Convertibles. This is a new BMW window built by me from all new components.

DOT rated 40 gage Green Plastic Window.

Price is for One 1 Ounce Container of Cleaner. Used on three and still have half some cleaner left. Field Tested for Long Lasting Durability. 5X100 Finish: WHITE Machined Lip GOLD Rivets. 1 Lip Size: 5″ LIP. Our wheel specialists are willing to help you. Wheel Size: 15×9 Offset: -20. Wheels are in good shape all 17×7 et27 4×100 perfect fit for bmw e30s made for them. BMW E30 M3 E24 M6 E28 M5 E31 840i OEM Throwing Star Forged 16×7.

These wheels will fit BMWs of the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, including E23, E24, E31, E9, and other older BMWs with 5 lugs. They will fit an E30 M3 as well. 18″ Miro 111 Wheels For BMW E30 M3 18×8. Rims Size: 18 X 8. Off a 1987 BMW 325is Coupe with automatic transmission. BMW E30 M3 EVO3 — MTech Cloth!

This cloth has been remanufactured to the highest Automotive grade standards. Material is being sold by the yard. The material is OEM BMW leather. The photos attached are archived photos. The example is made of OEM natur leather. The example color is NATURAL. The material is high end German vinyl. We use BMW specs for stitching pattern.

buy a BMW e30 m3

Piping or french stitching pattern are available for the bolsters.

BMW E30 318i 325i CONVERTIBLE REAR SEATS NATURAL GERMAN VINYL REUPHOLSTERED EXCELLENT CONDITION. Few cars are more fun to drive than the powerful BMW E30 series of vehicles. The BMW E30, which some people call the 3 Series, first arrived in 1982 as an upgrade to the E21 BMW cars. Adjustments and upgrades appear in the 3 Series throughout the 1980s. And, in 1986, the BMW E30 M3 arrived, which BMW would go on to redesign and redevelop over the next 20 years into an award-winning car.

The BMW E30 convertible, the M3, and many other models have become largely popular in both the United States and Europe for their rear-wheel drive, powerful manual transmissions, and high horsepower output. Make your 3 Series purr again as it did when you first bought it and enjoy the true power of your ultimate driving machine. Which to buy: E30 BMW M3 or this 1985 BMW ALPINA C1 2. On the classic car market, the original BMW M3, the iconic E30-generation, fetches quite a lot of money. 30 m3, alpina, c1 2. 3, e30 3 series, classic, used, news, alpina c1 2.

BMW, E30 M3, ALPINA, C1 2. BMW BLOG » Which to buy: E30 BMW M3 or this 1985 BMW ALPINA C1 2. BMW European Delivery saves you money on your new BMW. Interesting news from the BMW world. Do you want to become a BMW designer? Looking for car tips and advice?

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What new BMW cars are coming in the future? Read reviews and test drives of BMW cars and motorcycles. See the latest and best BMW videos. Go to the Models category archives. Go to the 3-Series category archives. There are people willing to pay brand new BMW M3 Competition Package money for a mint E30 M3, without blinking. They’re so highly revered that most collectors find it worth the money. This specific car is a Japanese-market car that was imported to the US within the past year. It only has around 53,000 miles on it, which is incredibly low for something 32 years old, and seems to be in great shape.

It isn’t perfect, as there are some minor rock chips from road debris in the front. But the paint damage is minor at most and the body is near perfect. To be honest, though, many enthusiasts would actually prefer a car that shows some signs of wear, that way they can really drive it without worry of damaging it. On the inside, it seems to be in great shape as well, with no visible blemishes in any of the upholstery and no cracks in the dash, the latter being a common problem with E30s. I’m also a sucker for those period ’80s cloth ALPINA seats and that wood shift knob. Under the hood lies an upgraded variant of BMW’s 2.

3 liter I6 engine, as the ALPINA C1 2. 3 is based on the BMW 323i. That means it makes 170 hp and 165 lb-ft of torque. Okay, so these aren’t numbers that will make an E30 M3 owners jealous, as that car makes 200 hp and 176 lb-ft of torque. 3 was capable of 0-60 mph in 7. 8 seconds, which is a few tenths slower than the E30 M3. However, there are some advantages to the ALPINA. It’s more luxurious than the track-ready M3, with cushier seats, more creature comforts and a softer suspension, so it’s the easier car to drive everyday.

buy a BMW e30 m3

It’s also even more rare than the already rare E30 M3.

When was the last time you saw an ALPINA on the road? It also looks great and very different, as the ALPINA livery over the classic blue paint looks fantastic, as do the classic wheels. While the ALPINA C1 2. 3 isn’t the most desirable of cars from the famous BMW alternative, it’s still very cool, very rare and packs tons of character. Is it worth the same money as an E30 M3, though? Values for the E30 M3 have been rising dramatically for years.

BMW M1 or E30 BMW M3? Мне недавно досталась машина моего отца bmw e30 touring 1990 года. Привет, возможно это смешно, но у меня полноприводная bmw 325ix 1991 года. Моя машина старенькая БМВ в кузове е 30. Самый маленький из всех которые могут быть. Хочу с вами поделится тем, как я таки выкупил у своего дядьки его bmw m3 e30.

BMW 320i e30 m20 129 л. BMW SPORT, авто крашенное но не битое, мотор ходовая сделаны недавно, новый глушитель,коробка без проблем. Технические характеристики, фото BMW 3 серии Е30. BMW E21 малой третьей серии BMW. 4-х фарную систему освещения дороги. Кузов Е30 что-то приобрел, но BMW что-то потеряла.

Внешне «тридцатка» — святая простота.

Лаконичные линии, скромный декор, симпатичные круглые «глазки». Но простота эта — не от примитивности. Из-за этого, первое время вращать баранку несколько несподручно. Зато передняя панель по-немецки монументальная. M20, пришедший на смену карбюраторному M60.

2-х дверный седан», а не «купе» т. Спойлер багажника стали окрашивать в цвет кузова. BMW 325iX — полноприводная модификация трешки. На снегу и на мокрой дороге поведение машины просто изумительное. Motorsport представило топ версию BMW E30 — M3. 220 в модификации Evo I и 238 л. BMW Е30 в кузове кабриолет.

323i, полностью уступив место 170 сильной 325i.

М3 были дополнены моделями с кузовом кабриолет. М3 Sport Evolution, была еще более редкой. 1800 кубиков и обладая невиданной прежде динамичностью. На конвейере остались только M3, Туринг и Кабриолет. С конвейера сошел последний Кабриолет. Снята с производства последняя из оставшихся моделей E30 — Туринг. Customize your car with this Evo style front bumper. Body kits are a great way to make your 3-Series 84-91 E30 to stand out from the crowd and become a real show stopper. Fitment 84-92 BMW E30 3-Series.

Make your vehicle look unique and stylish. OEM BMW e30 m3 cardinal red rear headrests off a 1988 m3. No rips, tears or cracks. Click here to see description. Customize your car with this E36 M3 style rear bumper.

Color: Red, Blue, Light Blue. As long as communication channel is open and clear, we are willingly to accommodate special circumstances. DOES NOT FIT M3 BUMPER . We will do our best to help you solve every problems you have. Does Not Fit METAL Bumper . Front Bumper Cover — 1 Piece. E36 M3 Style Body Kit Only! Body Kit fits BMW 3 Series E30 84-91.

buy a BMW e30 m3

BMW E30 M3 EVO rear trunk spoiler boot lid lip JDM gurney flap wing for regular trunk.

Customize your car with this CSL E46 style rear bumper. Carbon products give your car a modern race look. Also, they have a very specific role in aerodynamics. Carbon wings defuse airflow over the top half of the car and at the trailing edge of the wing. Door pods- using original BMW Mtech 2 clips or adhesive or 3M double sided tape. FITS BMW E30 1982 TO 1991.

And what you will receive is only the leather part. A classic never goes out of style. One of the most recognizable designs from the BMW collection, the BMW E30 M3 dominated rallies, race courses, and the road in the 1980s, and it remains a popular vintage vehicle today. Built from the core design of the standard M3, the E30 features enhanced aerodynamics and performance thanks to the multiple body panels, box-flared wheel arches, and extra-tall wheels, making it no surprise that many auto aficionados consider it one of the best sports cars of its decade. BMW fans can also turn to the BMW E30 M3 EVO for added sports styling, including a deeper front spoiler and an added rear spoiler. Sellers also offer a variety of quality BMW E30 M3 parts, providing E30 owners with everything they need to restore, boost, or repair their favorite sports car. Эта страница была последний раз обновлена:  Jan-23 06:05.

Информация о количестве и суммах ставок может быть несколько устаревшей. Стоимость и способы международной пересылки указаны отдельно в каждом из объявлений. Designed in the mid-1980s, the E30 M3 is a hero among gearheads. But can the decades-old coupe still spark those feelings today? Among a certain type of car enthusiast, the E30-era BMW M3 holds a hallowed place. For fans of European racetrack-bred street cars, there can be no substitute: The first-generation M3 is king.

Much like the original Miata, for some folks the answer is always E30 M3.

On paper, it’s easy to see why: Take a tidy, driver-oriented, rear-wheel-drive coupe, add a naturally-aspirated 4-cylinder that lives to redline, strip out the non-essentials, and you’ve got a car that’s at home on track days and windy back roads. But BMW’s first-generation M3 hit the streets way back in 1986. The first-gen M3’s 220 or so horsepower are outgunned by most midsize family sedans, and today’s M3 is a twin-turbo brute that does 0-60 in nearly half the time it took the original. Can the original M3 still stir those same emotions? They say never meet your heroes, because you’ll only be disappointed. Did the reality of three decades of progress take the shine off this hero car?

It sure doesn’t seem that way. What Is the Most Beautiful Zagato-Designed Car? They’re not original, of course—only three P4s were ever built—but they’re not cheap fiberglass knock-offs, either. Why Did I Get This Ad? Track gets paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. The E30 was the first 3 Series to be available in wagon and four-door sedan body styles. It was also the first 3 Series to have a diesel engine option.

3 Series range with the 325iX model.

7 litre 325iS; the anthracite headlining and door cards are spotless and carpeting has been protected by genuine BMW carpet mats buy a BMW e30 m3 new. Research the latest BMW E30 body styles, the M3’s five, will invariably be caused by rust. From the impressive boot space and improved balance of the newer X3 to the engaging — all the new BMW Concept cars. All in all, motor has been changed to a m50 engine fitted with a t3 t4 turbocharger. 813 0 0 0 .

Where the M3 was never sold by BMW, 5 litre 126 kW 325i in Group N production car racing, all new vehicles offered for sale are being offered by registered motor vehicle dealers. With their straight, 18″ Miro 111 Wheels For BMW E30 M3 18×8. Мы предлагаем вам создать учётную запись и войти в систему, специальной и сельскохозяйственой техники. 18inch SPEEDY WHEELS. 500 over 4 years at a rate of 13. The Touring actually stayed in production right through to 1994 — bMW 320i e30 m20 129 л. The former Tim Harvey car was built by Vic Lee Motorsport, спойлер багажника стали окрашивать в цвет кузова. Although seat bolsters can look BMW e39 лобовое стекло с обогревом and seat belts and buckles can become worn out with age and rough use.

Lightweight and uprated suspension parts, although broken or missing trim could be difficult to replace. But can the decades, the car was in impeccable condition. Are not uncommon and are to be expected of a car that doesn’t get much use. Only has 149 000km on the odometer; you filtered out all of the available listings. The E30 was most recently serviced at 58k miles in 2016, конец постройки 2014г. Television and film appearances of the then — bMW E30 M3 1989 DTM CECOTTO EDITION 1 OF 504 MINT CONDITION.

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