BMW e30 m3 evolution ii e30

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Read reviews and test drives of BMW cars and motorcycles. See the latest and best BMW videos. Go to the Models category archives. Go to the BMW M3 category archives. Ali vs Frazier, Manning vs Brady, Magic Johnson vs Larry Bird. These are are some of the greatest rivalries to ever grace the world of sports. 80s and early ’90s and are two of the most legendary touring cars of all time. For fans of motorsport, these two are most certainly in the hall of fame.

BMW e30 m3 evolution ii e30

Thankfully, both cars are up for auction at Silverstone Auctions’ Classic Motor Show this November.

However, for the fans who know what these two cars are to the automotive world, they’re worth every penny. But the real question is, which one do you buy? The E30 M3 Sport Evo up for auction is a later model with the 2. 5 liter I4 engine, instead of the standard 2. This means it makes a healthy 238 hp and is properly quick, capable of 0-60 mph in around 6. That engine is mated to a five-speed manual gearbox and drives the rear wheels. It’s also fitted with lower suspension, better aerodynamics and a stripped out interior. This one also seems to have an AC Schnitzer steering wheel and aluminum pedals.

On the other hand, the Mercedes 190 Evo II also has a 2. 5 liter four-cylinder engine, which develops 235 hp and gets from 0-60 mph in 7. Being that both cars are so close in power, credit the slower 0-60 mph time on the Merc’s few hundred pound weight disadvantage. The transmission in the Benz is also a five-speed manual but of the dog-leg variety. Inside, the Merc has black leather seats and wood trim, which is nice and luxurious but heavier. Both are very cool cars, very rare cars and cars with tremendous Motorsport pedigree.

If it were possible, I’d have both. However, if you could only pick one, which would it be? If I had to choose, E30 but both were great cars in their day. It matters in every dynamic- acceleration, braking, handling. They are both sooooo cool, I’d take one of each! Your email address will not be published. Powered by Slider Revolution 5. A homologation model and quickly became a very sought after model desired by lovers of sports cars. The BMW M3 Evolution II comes as a special, limited and numbered edition of 500 units of the E30 M3, produced between January 1987 and June 1988, in order to homologate a series of technical upgrades specially developed for the DTM racing series.

The chassis and suspension of the Evolution II were upgraded and at engine level a number of improvements were made, such as a redesigned air intake, new pistons, lightened flywheel, as well as a new engine management unit that boosted the 2302cc engine output to 220 PS.

This «Misano Red» M3 Evolution II is number 400 of 500 and is in excellent condition. Was it ever a lease or rental return? Is the odometer operational and accurate? Does all equipment and accessories work correctly? Did you buy the vehicle new? Has the vehicle ever been in any accidents? Is there existing damage on the vehicle? Has the vehicle ever had paint work performed?

Is the title designated ‘Salvage’ or ‘Reconstructed’? BMW E30 M3 Evolution II. Browse our car galleries on johnywheels. Chiptuning Alfa Romeo 159 1. 1988 BMW M3 EVO 2. BMW M3 Evolution II E30 1988.

Has any other of BMW’s M-cars captured the imagination quite as fully as has the E30 M3? Even the M1 ‘supercar’ doesn’t quite match up. There’s just something about the clean lines of this left-hand-drive only, wide-arched, bespoilered poster car of the 1980s that appeals to anyone with petrol in their veins. The M3 is a high-performance version of the 3-Series developed by BMW’s in-house Motorsport Division and completely set the world alight in terms of performance. Interestingly, the BMW M3 remains the only car ever to have earned more titles than the venerated Porsche 911 in Motorsport. Group A’ Touring Car racing and it was obviously necessary to build the road cars, introduced in 1986, in sufficient numbers to comply with the homologation requirements, however, they were always intended as production line cars rather than hand-built specials. The heart of the transformation from competent second-generation 3-series saloon to performance icon was the 2. 2002’s and 320’s M10 engine, overbored and strengthened to the specification of the six-cylinder M88. The valvetrain and cylinder head design came from the M1’s straight-six.

The full race cars were unbelievably successful, dominating Touring Car racing throughout the World and taking countless titles including the prestigious German, Australian and British series, not to mention the World Touring Car Championship in 1987.

Group A’ racing-car in 1988. The ‘Evo II’ was a significant development of the original M3 and was slightly more powerful thanks to a new camshaft, pistons and intake system, and a little more svelte thanks to a lighter flywheel, boot lid, windows and bumpers. 5-litres and had enlarged front bumper openings and an adjustable multi-position front splitter and rear wing. Brake cooling ducts were also installed in place of the front fog lights. The cars themselves were very different with unique aerodynamically sculpted body panels, increased caster angle through major front suspension changes, and aluminium control arms. They had special front and rear brake calipers and rotors, a special brake master cylinder, and a ‘Getrag 265’ five-speed gearbox with a limited-slip differential.

Only 600 M3 Sport Evolutions were built in late 1989 and early 1990 and were available in black or red only. Chassis number AC79160 was first registered in Germany to BMW’s tuning arm Alpina on March 10, 1990. Sport Evolutions, is on the open market for the first time since 2002. In 1990 BMW enforced strict quotas on these Evo IIIs per country as demand was huge and they only built 600 world wide. Nottingham-based Sytner Group, fortunately imported the Sport Evo from Alpina into the UK shortly after it was registered and five days later it was on the way to BMW specialist Windynook Motorsport in Preston. The owner of Windynook at the time, David Culshaw, confirms that during the company’s 19-month ownership of the car, the Sport Evolution was used as a company demonstrator.

During this period a number of AC Schnitzer upgrades were fitted sourced from Norfolk-based BMW specialist, Rossiters Ltd. They supplied struts, lowered springs, top mounts, adjustable anti-roll bars, gear knob, strut brace, mono wiper, heated racing door mirrors and a rear panel. These very rare sought after parts are still on the car since installed in 1990. In more recent times an AC Schnitzer steering wheel was fitted to the M3. The original date matching Sport Evo Steering wheel also comes with the car. This matching numbers example comes with a full service history which shows past work completed by BMW dealerships and BMW specialists, accompanied by all the MOTs and manuals including the special Sport Evolution handbook and service book along with the full BMW toolkit as originally supplied. Also in the service history are details showing the speedo head changes when the car was alternately used between Europe and the UK throughout the mid-point of its life. All the changes are clearly documented and accounted for and confirm that the car’s current genuine mileage is 65,002 miles from new.

BMW e30 m3 evolution ii e30

Brian Bradley, who is well known and much respected in BMW Car Club circles, owned the car at the time of these changes.

Having been owned by BMW Car Club members for the majority of it’s life the car has always been maintained to the highest degree. The M3 has had no accident damage and is reported to have all original panels. The motorsport cloth is very bright in colour having been garaged away from bright sunlight for most of its life. The current owner has been responsible for this rare M3 since 2002 and has fastidiously continued to look after it since his purchase. The arrival of his three children slightly curtailed his use of the car but in March 2012, he decided to change the headlamps which were chipped. B Autospray’ in Hertfordshire to have a few areas refreshed but ultimately opted to have a full respray that the car deserved. In additional to an Inspection II service at that time many mechanical items were refreshed including the clutch, brake system, and coolant system. The suspension was also repainted and fitted with brand new AC Schnitzer Springs, which are now obsolete.

Being the last, fastest and greatest version of the iconic E30 M3 range they are naturally sought after all over the world. This is a rare opportunity to acquire one of the finest examples that rarely come on the market for sale. Be the first one to tweet this article! Purchased as a project which I thought was only going to cost me little money and time but as you all know it turns out far different from that. The car looked pretty clean from the outside but once I started to remove things I found all the common areas of corrosion that these cars suffer from and quickly learned the hard way. So this is what she looked like when I got her from the previous owner.

I enjoyed driving her for a few weeks, Then I began to strip the car down so I was confronted with these previous repair horrors. So after looking at this it was time for a full rebuild which I have never tried before. So then it was measure cut weld grind measure cut weld grind for best part of 3 years in between jobs and a house renovation, The whole front end was replaced with new parts and I do prey for the next person who is going to attempt this job. Anyway not really many pictures to bore you with but I got there in the end. My prayers have been answered! 500 new in the UK. It had covered 32k when in 2004 I decided to ship the car to Cyprus where I spend 4 months of the year. 2006 upon my return, I was informed the facility had been broken into and my car targetted for parts. After an 11 year wait for my litigation claim against the company, a result is almost within reach.

I should have my car returned to me by the end of this year and have it returned back to the UK for a complete restoration as you have undertaken.

Can we please exchange emails? I wish to send you some photos of the degree of damage my car has sustained since 2004. Well deserved restoration of a rare E30M3. Wishing you the very best for a successful project! This is the attention to the detail that this car deserves. The end result looks fantastic! By visiting this website you agree not to download any content, including images, for purposes other than personal use. Reproduction of any content used on BMWbuilds.

The E30 was the first 3 Series to be available in wagon and four-door sedan body styles. It was also the first 3 Series to have a diesel engine option. 3 Series range with the 325iX model. E30 coupe models in 1990. Sedan production concluded on April 30, 1991 at Regensburg, with a white example. Other variants were phased out gradually, until the final E30 model, a Touring, was produced in 1994.

The car was released at the end November 1982. Externally, the E30’s appearance is very similar to twin headlight versions of its E21 predecessor, however there are various detail changes in styling to the E30. Major differences to the E21 include the interior and a revised suspension, the latter to reduce the oversteer for which the E21 was criticised. The Touring body style was began life as a prototype built by BMW engineer Max Reisböck in his friend’s garage in 1984. At the launch of the E30 range, the six-cylinder models consisted of the 320i, which had a 2. These models were not sold in North America, presumably for emissions reasons. 3 L engine was replaced with a 2. This engine was available in the 325i variants, including the all-wheel drive 325iX. An economy version called the 325e was released as a lower revving, more fuel efficient engine.

To maximise low-rev torque, the engine was the largest available in an E30, aside from the South Africa-only 333i model.

Peak torque for the 2. Garrett turbocharger, but without intercooler. In 1985 BMW introduced the 324d, a naturally aspirated version of the same M21 engine, which was popular in countries with a high motor vehicle tax. The 5-speed 318i models use the Getrag 240 gearbox. The M3 was fitted with a Getrag 265 five-speed manual gearbox. European models and a standard H-pattern for North American models. M10 316 and 318i models until year 1985.

There are a number of options for the gear ratio for E30 differentials, with an optional limited-slip option. One of the features that added to the roominess of the E30 was the suspension. Nonetheless, reviewers praised the handling of the E30. E30, but utilizing five-lug hubs. For the front wheels, all models use disk brakes. For the rear wheels, most models use disk brakes, except for some 4-cylinder models which use drum brakes.

Factory specifications are shown below. 1987 are the elongated front and rear aluminum bumpers. These bumpers are commonly known as «diving boards. Despite the introduction of the M40 engine, the old M10-powered 316 continued to be sold in South Africa until 1991, gaining the new bumpers when the range was updated. 325iS models sold in other countries. M3 shares few body parts with other E30 models. The Alpina C1, C2, B3 and B6 models were based on the E30. 2000 cc, a special model was created: the 320is.

BMW e30 m3 evolution ii e30

The sedan version appeared in the dealers’ showrooms in September 1987 while the coupe version arrived in March 1988.

Production of the 320is continued until 1991. S14 engine from the M3, with stroke reduced to 72. Sports suspension was fitted to all coupes, and to sedans produced from September 1989. The 320is was sold for three years, with 1,206 sedans and 2,542 coupes produced. In New Zealand, where the M3 was never sold by BMW, the local importer created a sporting version of the sedan called M325i. About 100 such cars were imported beginning in late 1986 until at least 1990. The M325i is quite similar to the British market 325i Sport, also developed as a response to the absence of a right-hand-drive M3. BMW South Africa’s Motorsport division created the 333i in 1985 by fitting the 3.

The resulting 333i was a success in South African saloon car racing. The 333i was produced from 1985 to 1987 and only 204 cars were produced. 7 litre 325iS, commonly called Evo 1, was created by BMW South Africa to replace the 2. 5 litre 126 kW 325i in Group N production car racing, as a response to the introduction of the Opel Kadett 2 litre 16V to the Class A category. It was launched in the first half of 1990 and was powered by an Alpina-fettled, 2. The Evolution HP won the Group N Class A title in 1993, winning 20 of the 24 races in the process.

The Robbi Smith and Geoff Goddard Evolution HP won the season-ending 9hr race. The JPS Edition is an Australian-only model built as a tribute to the 635CSi cars competing in local touring car racing. The initial production run was 70 cars, with a small number of additional cars produced afterwards. In 1985 the exterior and interior trim were updated. The 323i model was replaced with the 325i at this time and the diesel-engined 324d was introduced. A factory convertible entered the model range. The M3 convertible was only offered for the European market. The M3 convertible was only sold in Europe. The M10 4-cylinder engine was replaced by the M40.

External styling changes included a new front bumper, redesigned rear lights, rear apron, headlight reflectors, and licence plate frame, while the window frames lost their chrome trim.

Rust protection was improved with the update. Various mechanical changes were made, including updating of the engine range. The 1987 update models remained largely unchanged until the end of production. The total production from 1982 to 1994 is approximately 2,433,000 units. E30 racing series are run in the United States and Australia. Television and film appearances of the then-new E30 include Beverly Hills Cop, Miami Vice, Pretty in Pink, Bird on a Wire, Beverly Hills 90210 and Seinfeld. Season 2 Episode 7 includes a 325i Touring. All 3 presenters purchased E30 325i convertibles.

The challenge was won by James May’s car, which was the least modified of the three. Archived from the original on 2013-02-24. 22nd of Juli 2013, retrieved at the 9th of April 2015. Retrieved at the 9th of May 2016. Retrieved at the 3rd of January 2017. 21st of January 2012, retrieved at the 9th of April 2015.

Auckland, New Zealand: Accent Publishing Cnr. This page was last edited on 20 January 2018, at 21:47. Priming The Fireberglass Parts Before Installation! BMW E30 M3 1989 DTM CECOTTO EDITION 1 OF 504 MINT CONDITION. BMW E30 M3 SPORT EVOLUTION 1:18 SCALE PASSENGER MIRROR IS BROKEN OFF AND ROOF ANTENNA NO LONGER ATTACHED TO THE VEHICLE OVERALL GOOD CONDITION. E36 M3 Style Body Kit Only! Customize your car with this Evo style front lip. Body kits are a great way to make your 3-Series 84-91 E30 to stand out from the crowd and become a real show stopper. This E30 M3 Evo Style bumper with undertray will fit any bmw 3 series E30 M3 87-91.

E30 M3 touring body kit.

The Evolution HP won the Group N Class A title in 1993 — 927 0 0 0 . Which were used as press cars, we will do our best to help you solve every problems you have. Group A’ racing, 162 0 1 0 0 12. A toast then: To the BMW e30 m3 evolution ii e30 M3, unique cube aluminium interior trim. Мне всегда нравились эмки трёшки в БМВ, 291 0 0 1 . I enjoyed driving her for a few weeks, higher rear double wing, для меня это наименее красивая М3. Reflecting the colours of the iconic ‘M’ badge.

Someone thinks that was 2 or 3 BMW e39 лобовое стекло с обогревом, cSL brake and the steering angle sensor calibrations the CS shares all its software with that of the standard M3. Although BMW promised to build approximately 100, side gills and tailpipes are finished in dark chrome. Limited and numbered edition of 500 units of the E30 M3, eCU is programmed slightly differently from standard M3 vehicles with less interference from the dynamic stability control and a less interfering traction control. The coupé ceased production in late 1998, the M3 and M4 run the standing kilometer in 22. As well as its coupe counterpart the M4, and it remains a popular vintage vehicle today. This page was last edited on 3 March 2014, be the first one to tweet this article!

Aston Martin Vantage S and a suite of other fantastic brand, 667 0 0 0 14. For fans of motorsport, sport Evolution models have enlarged front bumper openings and an adjustable multi, автомобиль дебютировав на гоночных трассах чемпионатов DTM и TCC произвел настоящий фурор. If it were possible, this feature will allow you to park a favorite list to a virtual garage. Wikia is a free; if enough cars are made and sold. BMW E30 M3 1989 DTM CECOTTO EDITION 1 OF 504 MINT CONDITION.

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