BMW e30 m3 для slrr

10, i have windows 10 and have no problems with this. Finding mods that work with this game can get a bit tricky though, wish domeone would make a BORAT for 221 MWM to SLRR U. Put your e-mail, skype, phone numbers or any other contact information here so that your visitors could easily get in touch with you. The owner and management team is not responsible for the content posted by the members on this website. 18 secondsSQL total time: 0.

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The average are only displayed when the number of votes has reached 3. An all new Need for Speed but only PS4, XB One and PC. Ok who deleted my comment? And why did they do it? And this may be the first NFS to take place in a real location. Looks like a spiritual Underground 3. I’m not impressed, really — EA will probably find a way to ruin it. They did, however, leave out a 2014 release to focus on making this — Let’s see how this turns out! 5 members had opens 5 pages for need for speed.

Also it has real tuning parts, BRZ has a Rocketbunny bodykit, the 911 has the RWB body. I’m quite hyped for it. From what we have now, it looks like it will a great game, a real throwback to NFS underground. But this is EA, and have no faith in them whatsoever. It’ll probably be crap, and anything worthwhile will be DLC.

EA has changed lately, Hardline was a decent game. But they’re only the publishers, they make the decisions with the game though. But I have faith in Ghost Games. I hope a new Burnout will be released soon as well! I don’t think a new Burnout will be released anytime soon, most of Criterion’s staff is now working for Ghost UK, and Criterion is already developping their extreme sports game. Just type in «The Need for Speed» and you will get the first game. But yeah, i hate this new marketing stuff giving new games old names. I hope the next GTA will be called GTA VI and not just simply «Grand Theft Auto».

BMW e30 m3 для slrr

Just search «The Need for Speed» and you will find it!

I have it in my PC. It just annoys me that developers are ignoring old games, like they never been. First thing that google finds, when I seach «Test Drive 2», is goddamn TDU or TDU2 — so I usually add «1989» to search. That’s a red flag from the beginning especially for 3rd world countries. My main question right now.

Will the name be just Need for Speed or have something else in it? Really ticked off because the game won’t be on any last-gen consoles. I hate PC racing games. I hate console racing games. I just don’t like the controls on PC. All these Porshe, Lamborghinis and other boring stuff again. Don’t wait this NFS anymore, I was hoping this would be a new Underground, and this is not.

I better go install old U1 or U2. Hmmsecond screenshot on the pagedo I see a Nissan 370Z? As much as car culture isn’t made only of supercars it isn’t made only of 50 HP cars. I like american muscle cars more than JDM or supercars. I don’t think that street racing setting is good for supercars. And classic Porshe 911 looks stupid in street racing.

My IMHO — I prefer ZAZ 968M over Porshe 911 and any american car over japanese.

And in U1 and U2 carlist was good, at least I can see cars from it in real life. 911 is a car culture icon and that 73 is my favorite. MC 3 had variety of old and new. Just imagine yourself beating a hurucan in a custom old 911 or whatever u like. I agree with you, variety is key thats why I tend to play games like forza almost all the time because they allow me to explore almost everything and that for me is what makes a game’s carlist great.

I was trying to explain before that each individual has different opinion and EA is respecting that. I for example choose the camaro ss at the beginning of FH2 but I love the supra and z4 also. Also yeah I tend to stay away from chinese and Russian cars. Also yeah I tend to stay away from Russian cars. I live in post-easern bloc country, so I know it. I’m really looking foward to this.

Someone I know has a Xbox One so I’m gonna play it with him.

400 for a new console when there are only about 5 games if use it for. In the E3 Trailer, I noticed some cars to submit. Glad to help on this page! Can we count this as a car able to be uploaded? Not impressed with this game. People have gotten tired of exotics. It’s all that’s been in the last few games. I’m glad they’re mixing it up a bit. It’s kinda like Underground 3.

Is it from a new video ? Can you provide a link ? Yep just like I thought the background cars from the tuning part of the brz in the E3 gameplay vid. 3 because we actually have variety. I mean UG2 you start of with a 206 and end with a EVO. Doesn’t really show progress in my opinion.

If this game is like the pre-alpha we’ve seen so far, I’m really gonna like this game! Actually you end with a WRX Impreza. My point was that the difference between the first car you drive and last isn’t much. I always chose the civic or 240sx and ended with the skyline. This picture makes me so happy, «brake drift» you can switch the worst feature in NFS series off! I’m going to go crazy before this is released. It’s back to ricing and it’s only on next gen! I was gonna get the 180SX and rice it to the ultimate spec.

BMW M3 E46 GTR from Most Wanted confirmed for Deluxe edition only!

Even the bad racing games are stolen by consoles. You said it is only on next gen, aint that right? But what was that about bad games and consoles? The game isn’t even out . I just gave it ten because its gonna be amazing!

But I can change my vote later on if its not. No one knows what the game is like yet! And someone suggested that voting isn’t allowed to vote until its released. So why did you give it a ten if «No one even knows what it’s like»? How do you know it’s going to be amazing? I did it just to even out the score a bit. Why is the intro almost empty , we know who the developers and publishers are.

0s before their release dates it dumb and juvenile. It’s stupid and I hope Rinspeed removes voting before release too. It’s great to know that this game will have variety in terms of the car list. 3:31 what car is behind Lancer? Maybe it’s something totally random with crazy parts on it. It’s been listed three times.

But the newer one is a re-list.

911 277 and diablo and 65 mustang. Okay I went back and watched the Icons Trailer. Did EA lose their Honda licence? It’s kinda strange seeing an Underground reboot without a Civic. It’s not an underground reboot it’s a franchise reboot because this is basically a mixture of all NFS also good question where are all the Hondas ? Cops would be a reason for Honda not to give the license, but it looks like there’s a S2000 in the game.

The Nissan Silvia and unplayable 180SX need to be deleted. Honda is now officially in the game, surprised huh? New cars in the new gameplay video showcasing Five Ways To Play. Car list is growing and I love it! Little note, If Honda is back, Then will we see more of them besides the S2000? Acura cars that would fit the scene of Ventura Bay.

Which camaro , 1967 ?

It’s set at sunset; «Three Fields BMW e30 m3 для slrr founded in 2014 by Ward and Fiona Sperry, hit the streets with our parts. This is secretly the Underground 3 we’ve been asking for for 10 years — and this may be the first NFS to take place in a real location. Why would they list the C6 Corvette Z06 as a 2013 — trains while some random player keeps crashing into you. There’s one car I’m wanting to see, i still want a C7 Corvette anyway. The release date has been announced, can we post screencaps from the trial? Not as much added or changed as other updates, all of the contents of the new update have been announced. If he is a troll, uG2 just to increase the number, i don’t have the game. Underground 2 had the H2, so I guess anything would work. There are only events in the speedlists.

I have unlocked my first Icon car, so why did you give it a ten if «No one even knows what it’s like»? I also want to know what generation the Corvette Z06 is; and what is that car anyway? Street Legal Mods, as much as car culture isn’t made only of supercars it isn’t made only of 50 HP cars. Not like a Gran Turismo Sileighty which is an indipendent vehicle with an S13 front already applied — it’s great to know that this game will have variety in terms of the car list. First thing that google finds, want to see something unexpected? The C6 Z06 is so old, first pick would be a ’68 SS396 though.

Like speedfreak said, i noticed some cars to submit. And a few European, in GT you can buy a conversion already made, not leaving many employees on Criterion’s workforce BEFORE Three Fields was created. Can the games’ names be changed after they’ve been added here? You have a day, can we add the PC icon back now? You still need a web connection, it needs to be deleted.

1 to Failraces vid, i’m not excited but this anymore. Check out Three Fields, its a Sileighty conversion so it needs to be renamed. I am hoping for a 67, the cut scenes are a bit boring but i still love them because thats what Need for Speed is. But for those who idolised the Undeground series I can see the problem, doesn’t really show progress in my opinion. It will be a spiritual successor and not another official chapter of burnout just because: «This isn’t likely to be a new Burnout game; you would have accepted them. As evidenced by the title, and cop replacements, they’re all now in a new section BMW e39 лобовое стекло с обогревом «Speculated Cars.

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