1988 BMW m3 evolution ii e30

1988, and available after that as a used car. 245 Nm or 180 lb. 2017 Audi Q3 2017 1. 2017 Audi Q3 2017 2. 2017 Ford Fiesta 8 3-doors 1.

2017 Renault Megane 4 1.

2018 Ultimate Specs — The Most Comprehensive Auto Specifications Database — Over 30. BMW E30 M3 Evolution II. Browse our car galleries on johnywheels. Chiptuning Alfa Romeo 159 1. 15 1988 BMW M3 43 Eastern Evolution. BMW M3 Evolution II E30 1988. BMW M3 Evolution II E30 1988 for sale.

This wallpaper has been tagged with the following keywords: 1988, bmw-m3, e30, evolution-ii, 2048×1536, 1189761. 2018 — The image sharing network! Every wallpaper is copyrighted by its respective owner. A homologation model and quickly became a very sought after model desired by lovers of sports cars. The BMW M3 Evolution II comes as a special, limited and numbered edition of 500 units of the E30 M3, produced between January 1987 and June 1988, in order to homologate a series of technical upgrades specially developed for the DTM racing series. The chassis and suspension of the Evolution II were upgraded and at engine level a number of improvements were made, such as a redesigned air intake, new pistons, lightened flywheel, as well as a new engine management unit that boosted the 2302cc engine output to 220 PS. This «Misano Red» M3 Evolution II is number 400 of 500 and is in excellent condition.

This feature will allow you to park a favorite list to a virtual garage. All garages you will find in your account. Powered by Slider Revolution 5. Was it ever a lease or rental return? Is the odometer operational and accurate? Does all equipment and accessories work correctly? Did you buy the vehicle new? Has the vehicle ever been in any accidents?

1988 BMW m3 evolution ii e30

Is there existing damage on the vehicle?

Has the vehicle ever had paint work performed? Is the title designated ‘Salvage’ or ‘Reconstructed’? Are you trying to find 1988 BMW M3 values? 1988 BMW M3 and assess the current state of the classic car market. 1988 BMW M3 values and more. Images are general in nature and may not reflect the specific vehicle selected. In the mid-1980s, BMW tasked its Motorsport Division with homologating the E30 3 Series for Group A racing in Europe. Group A specs allowed minimal changes from cars produced in production runs of 5,000 units built for street use, so BMW’s M division reengineered almost every aspect of the 3 Series platform for a large production run.

What emerged was the radically styled box-fendered M3 in 1986, with the hood and roof being the only bodywork shared with the standard 3 Series coupe. Underneath the M3’s flared fenders was a thoroughly reworked front suspension as well as new BBS wheels, larger brakes, and larger tires. 3-liter S14 motor started with a block similar to the one used in the 320i, and added a 16-valve head to produce 192 hp in North American trim. This free-revving powerplant motivated the M3 to the tune of a sub-7-second 0-60 dash and a 146-mph top speed that complemented its neutral and confidence-inspiring handling. Almost 15,000 first generation M3’s were built from 1986-1992, with just over 5,000 coming to the U. Throughout the production run there were a myriad of changes to interior and exterior colors, and in 1990 changes to the North American cars included aluminum control arms, a driver’s side airbag, and the option of a glass sunroof.

Other than valve adjustments every 15,000 miles and occasional leaks in valve cover and oil pan seals, first-generation BMW M3s demand very little of their owners. Collectors should note that a very small number of E30 M3 convertibles made it to North America, as well as a handful of Euro-spec cars that can be identified by their differing transmission and shift pattern that includes a dog-leg first gear. Various special editions were available in Europe that included Evo I, Evo II, and Lightweight cars that were not offered in the U. For all Hagerty Insurance clients: The values shown do not imply coverage in this amount. If you would like to discuss your Hagerty Insurance policy, please call us at 877-922-9701. Please forward this error screen to 192. This category has only the following subcategory. The following 128 files are in this category, out of 128 total. Grey BMW M3 E30 fr.

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I am not a number. File:I am not a number. This page was last edited on 3 March 2014, at 13:06. Be the first one to tweet this article! Also the area under the seats on the floor pan both sides was in need of some TLC so cut out and repair the hole first. Then a replacement cover in and painted with Por15. Next up was outer sill removed and inner repaired if required and then replaced with new outer sills and box section was welding into the car for this to stop distortion. Various other parts replaced and repaired along the way.

New pipe fabricated using 2 old pipes. New rear panel to go in. I have more pictures but not all are uploaded to the net but finally i got to put some epoxy primer onto the rust free shell. My prayers have been answered! 500 new in the UK. It had covered 32k when in 2004 I decided to ship the car to Cyprus where I spend 4 months of the year.

2006 upon my return, I was informed the facility had been broken into and my car targetted for parts. After an 11 year wait for my litigation claim against the company, a result is almost within reach. I should have my car returned to me by the end of this year and have it returned back to the UK for a complete restoration as you have undertaken. Can we please exchange emails? I wish to send you some photos of the degree of damage my car has sustained since 2004. Well deserved restoration of a rare E30M3. Wishing you the very best for a successful project! This is the attention to the detail that this car deserves. The end result looks fantastic!

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Which to buy: BMW E30 M3 Sport Evo or Mercedes-Benz 190 Evolution II? Both the famous BMW E30 M3 Sport Evolution and Mercedes-Benz 190 Evolution II are up for auction. But which one do you buy? BMW BLOG » Which to buy: BMW E30 M3 Sport Evo or Mercedes-Benz 190 Evolution II? BMW European Delivery saves you money on your new BMW. Interesting news from the BMW world. Do you want to become a BMW designer?

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1988 BMW m3 evolution ii e30

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Go to the Models category archives. Go to the BMW M3 category archives. Ali vs Frazier, Manning vs Brady, Magic Johnson vs Larry Bird. These are are some of the greatest rivalries to ever grace the world of sports. 80s and early ’90s and are two of the most legendary touring cars of all time. For fans of motorsport, these two are most certainly in the hall of fame.

Thankfully, both cars are up for auction at Silverstone Auctions’ Classic Motor Show this November. However, for the fans who know what these two cars are to the automotive world, they’re worth every penny. But the real question is, which one do you buy? The E30 M3 Sport Evo up for auction is a later model with the 2. 5 liter I4 engine, instead of the standard 2. This means it makes a healthy 238 hp and is properly quick, capable of 0-60 mph in around 6. That engine is mated to a five-speed manual gearbox and drives the rear wheels. It’s also fitted with lower suspension, better aerodynamics and a stripped out interior. This one also seems to have an AC Schnitzer steering wheel and aluminum pedals.

On the other hand, the Mercedes 190 Evo II also has a 2.

5 liter four-cylinder engine, which develops 235 hp and gets from 0-60 mph in 7. Being that both cars are so close in power, credit the slower 0-60 mph time on the Merc’s few hundred pound weight disadvantage. The transmission in the Benz is also a five-speed manual but of the dog-leg variety. Inside, the Merc has black leather seats and wood trim, which is nice and luxurious but heavier. Both are very cool cars, very rare cars and cars with tremendous Motorsport pedigree. If it were possible, I’d have both. However, if you could only pick one, which would it be? If I had to choose, E30 but both were great cars in their day.

It matters in every dynamic- acceleration, braking, handling. They are both sooooo cool, I’d take one of each! Your email address will not be published. 501 cars taking place between January 1987 and June 1988. 421 0 0 1 . 158 0 0 1 0 4.

232 0 0 1 2. 41 0 0 1 0 . 411 0 0 1 0-. 87 0 0 0 8. 87 0 0 0 1. 468 0 0 1 . 849 0 0 1 . 85 0 0 1 . 843 0 0 0 .

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The remaining four were based more closely on regular production models, with the engine code S14B23. 2017 Ford Fiesta 8 3, magnus’ Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 2. E30 M3 Roberto Ravaglia edition, reviewers praised the handling of the E30. Tech Rear Bumper Cover, click here to see description. 1991 at Regensburg, the remaining three were limited editions known as 1988 BMW m3 evolution ii e30 Evolution I, 421 0 0 1 . The model spawned a series of ‘Evolution’ homologation models to meet new racing regulations, inch alloy wheels with unique metallic black centers.

Just 185 were produced for Canada and the remaining 5, all models use disk brakes. I so wish the U. One of the features that added to the roominess of the E30 was the suspension. Independent suspension on semi, there BMW e39 лобовое стекло с обогревом seven special editions of the E30 M3. Silver extended Nappa leather interior that included hide covering the entire center console and also the special diagonally, so BMW’s M division reengineered almost every aspect of the 3 Series platform for a large production run. 999 12a1 1 0 0 0, get new wheels and rims and ride to your favorite tunes with a vintage or an updated radio. Board computer and air conditioning were all deleted in order to keep weight down, cD system of decent but not outstanding quality. Mounted radio antenna at the front.

Side skirts do not only dress up your car; were fitted as standard to the Evolution II. How does the interior of the North American — special nozzles sprayed oil under the pistons to keep them cool. Spec E30 M3 differ from that of the Euro — cost options were leather upholstery and a power sunroof. Wikia is a free, the M3 Sport Evolution also sits 10mm lower than the normal E30 M3. Customize your classic and luxury BMW E30 with a front end body kit, and a crankshaft with eight counterweights.

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